Zach is Back and So Am I

I probably should have announced my return as a contributor to Blogging Blue with this post instead of abruptly posting on various topics as I have in the last couple of hours/days, so here’s the deal.

Zach gave me my start with blogging back in 2011. Up until then I was at the mercy of opinion page editors in main stream newspapers. Zach let me run wild like no other editor ever had. He endured blowback from my posts. It actually cost him money on one occasion, and a heated call from the then chair of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin on another. And he never wavered in spite of it all. He stuck by me. So when I read that Zach was coming back to Blogging Blue I thought, maybe I should attempt a comeback too?

So expect more posts from me going forward, like it or not. It’s good to have Zach back. It’s good to be back. Brace yourselves.


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