Colder Than A Well Diggers Ass In The Klondike

As Blogging Blue’s only staff meteorologist ( amateur) I feel compelled to give a weather report about conditions up north, where I live. My father is never satisfied with just saying ” it’s colder than a well diggers ass”, he always has to add “ in the Klondike”.

I’m not given to hyperbole, ( most of the time), and so I do not make this proclamation lightly, but after ten days of damn cold weather with the worst of it upon us at this very moment I feel comfortable stating, without reservation, that it is indeed as cold as a well diggers ass, not in January, and not in Idaho, but in the Klondike where it’s currently-26 below, which is the exact temperature it was at our house this morning at 7:00 am.

So if you have to go outside today, which I have to in order to throw more wood into the basement so we can survive the next two days, bundle up, wear multiple layers of clothing, cover your face ( wind chills here were in the -40 range) and don’t stay outside any longer than you have to.

And whatever you do, don’t dig a well.


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1 thought on “Colder Than A Well Diggers Ass In The Klondike

  1. I know you’re a lot further north than we are, but your weather report rings true down here as well. It’s damn cold…I’m ready for this winter to be done already!

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