Gov. Tony Evers proposes throwing out much of Act 10

Gov. Tony Evers has proposed his new biennial budget and contained within said budget is a provision that would roll back much of the anti-worker Act 10 that was enacted by former Gov. Scott Walker and his Republican cronies in the legislature.

In one of his boldest moves, Evers called for throwing out much of Act 10, the 2011 law that all but eliminated collective bargaining for most public workers. The idea is sure to be rejected by Republicans, who have been preparing to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of Act 10’s passage next month.

Act 10 required public workers to pay more for their benefits, and that part of the law would remain in effect. But under Evers’ plan many of those workers would regain the ability to engage in labor negotiations, giving them a chance to try to reclaim reductions in their take-home pay.

While there’s no doubt in my mind Republicans in the legislature will fight tooth and nail to keep Wisconsin an anti-worker state I’m glad to see Gov. Evers is doing his part to stand up for Wisconsin’s public sector workers.


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