Kewauskum crime spree victims killed with their own guns

This is an absolute tragedy…

Two residents in separate homes were killed by a man who crashed a stolen car and went on a house-to-house rampage in search of another car to steal before he was fatally shot by a deputy, authorities said Friday.

The victims were apparently killed with their own weapons, according to the Washington County Sheriff’s Office. 

In thinking about this tragedy I’m reminded of a few key facts about the notion that gun ownership by “good guys” helps reduce criminal activity and protects people.

  • People successfully defend themselves with guns in less than 1% of crimes in which there is contact between a perpetrator and a victim.
  • Having access to a gun doesn’t better protect people from being injured during a crime compared to other protective actions like calling law enforcement or fleeing the scene.
  • Research indicates that carrying a firearm may increase a victim’s risk of injury when a crime is committed, with one study indicating that people in possession of a gun may be more than four times more likely to be shot in an assault.

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