Trump Paints Self Into Corner, Shoots Self In Foot, Sticks Foot in Mouth

Donald Trump emerged Wednesday from his dimly lit bunker full of paranoia hued fever dreams to pick up right where he left off: the election was stolen, fixed, rigged, etc, etc, ad nauseam etc. Appearing on three separate conservative bombast outlets, Trump regurgitated the rhetorical vomit that has stained and stunk up the national political discourse for over three months now. The guy won’t let it go. How can he?

What are his choices at this point? Tell his supporters the truth? That Joe Biden won it fair and square? Does anybody really think Trump has the integrity it takes to back down from his bizarre claims, even as several of his most prominent allies, (and Trump himself), face massive lawsuits for parroting his lies and absurdities?

And he won’t let up. This is what he’s going to keep saying for the next four years, every chance he gets.

So think about it, Ron Johnson, Scott Fitzgerald, Tom Tiffany: it’s election season 2022. When Donald Trump comes to campaign for you, whether it be in a primary or the general election, what do you think he’ll talk about when he’s on the rally stage? You? Really? Do the names Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue ring a bell?

And beyond the self absorbed, cranially overheated, pseudo-hydrophobic and spittle flecked noxiousness emanating from his mouth, what kind of legal situation might Trump be in 15 months from now? You could be standing next to a guy who’s been criminally charged for inciting the Capitol riot. Or a guy who’s been charged with banking, tax or insurance related fraud. Or who’s beencharged for solicitation of election fraud in Georgia. Or who’s being deposed in any number of big dollar defamation lawsuits. This is the political star to which you intend to hitch your re-election wagon?

I say, more power to you guys. Solid game plan. What could possibly go wrong? Go for it.


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1 thought on “Trump Paints Self Into Corner, Shoots Self In Foot, Sticks Foot in Mouth

  1. And good riddance to those Rs who continue to associate themselves with the Orange Madman. May they go down with him and take along many of their equally noxious, if less Trump-connected cohorts. You can help this process: Never, ever, vote for any Republican, for any office – from dogcatcher to President of the US. Ever! Your economic, and social well being depend on it – if not your very life.

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