Wiggy is Really Unhappy

It’s not uncommon to find Right Wisconsin editor James ” Wiggy ” Wigderson ripping on politicians. His favorite targets are often Lt. Governor Mandela Barnes, Governor Tony Evers, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, you know, democrats.

But the object of his ire this time around is his newly elected congressman Scott Fitzgerald.

In a scathing article on Right Wisconsin, Wigderson rips into Fitzgerald for failing to even mention the events of January 6th in Fitzgerald’s first letter to his constituents since being sworn in as a member of the U.S. House of Representatives. What’s missing from the letter?

“Oh, and my congressman voted twice to disenfranchise millions of voters after a violent mob invaded the Capitol with the alleged intent of killing the Vice President, the Speaker of the House and possibly a few of Fitzgerald’s colleagues. In the process of attacking the Capitol, a police officer was killed. Two more would commit suicide after the incident.

The goal of the mob was to prevent Congress from officially counting the presidential electors from each state so President Donald Trump could remain in power. Fitzgerald, silent up to that moment, ended up voting to do what the mob wanted after the violence was put down and the Capitol was cleared.”

Goddamn! I couldn’t have written that any better myself!

Since it’s clear that Fitzgerald has no intention of resigning like an honorable person would, and it’s highly unlikely that a democrat can win in the 5th, it’s going to be up to republicans to find a good candidate for the 2022 primary and run Fitzgerald out of Congress themselves. And I hope Wiggy’s words are quoted on a mailer sent to every household in the district. Twice.


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