Sydney Powell Removed From ” Kook of the Year” Consideration.

In a stunning and magnificent display of exquisite self-parody former Trump aligned attorney Sydney “The Kraken” Powell, through her lawyers, has responded to Dominion Voting Systems 1.3 billion defamation lawsuit against her by stating that no reasonable person would believe her wild and thoroughly unsubstantiated claims of massive election fraud in last November’s presidential election. The revelation comes in the same week that Dominion announced it is suing Fox News to the tune of 1.6 billion for promoting the very same claims Powell now acknowledges are unworthy of consideration by reasonable people.

We here at Blogging Blue take our ” Kook” awards seriously, so given Powell’s abrupt and laudable step toward both lucidity and sanity we can no longer, in good conscience, give her a line on our Kook award ballot, and we also wish her the best in what must be a difficult and desperate attempt to come to grips with the consequences of her ill advised actions. Good luck, Sydney.

The good news is that here in Wisconsin we still have some outstanding Kooks peddling election fraud and Capitol riot bullshit such as US Senator Ron ” Greenland Used To Be Green” Johnson, and State Senator Kathy ” Green Bay Mayor Eric Genrich must resign over non-existent election issues” Bernier.

It’s good to have a solid field of contenders right here in our own backyard.


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