U.S. Senate poised to pass COVID-19 stimulus despite Ron Johnson’s attempts to stall

Despite “Our Dumb Senator” Ron Johnson’s attempts to stall it, President Joe Biden’s $1.9 trillion COVID-19 stimulus bill appears poised to pass in the United States Senate. In their attempts to delay financial relief for millions of Americans Sen. Johnson and his Republican allies filed over 500 amendments to the COVID-19 relief bill, further cementing the fact that Republicans care little about actually helping those who need help the most.

Here in Wisconsin the fact that Ron Johnson doesn’t care about the “little people” should surprise no one who’s been following his career in politics, given this is the same man who as a private business owner saw employees of his company PACUR needing to receive BadgerCare, the state-subsidized health insurance plan for low-income workers.

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As I’ve written here before, Ron Johnson is a terrible human being. He’s shown time and time again that he cares little for the very people he was elected to represent, and I’m confident in saying he will go down in history along with disgraced fellow Republican Senator Joe McCarthy as one of the worst elected officials our state has ever put in office.


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