Kook Of The Month: Arizona State Senate Republicans

They’re counting ballots, yet again, in Maricopa County in Arizona. State Senate republicans hired a third party, Cyber Ninjas, a company with no experience in auditing election results to………… audit the election results. Cyber Ninjas wanted to keep their audit procedures a secret, (claiming trade secrets), but the judge overseeing the case called bullshit.

Predictably, some social media nutjobs have already been claiming that the audit has turned up 250,000 fraudulent votes which prompted USA Today to publish a fact check debunking the claim.

Is this where we’re heading in Wisconsin? Will the WisGOP bring this circus to town? If so, we look forward to awarding the whack-a-doodle designation to one of our own in the future. But in the meantime, congratulations Arizona State Senate Republicans! You are Blogging Blue’s ” Kook of the Month!”


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