Land Of The Home And Freedom Range

Can you just imagine what republicans would be saying if Joe Biden had muttered the title above during, say, a State of The Union address? ” He’s got dementia! How can a guy with dementia run the country?!?!? ”

But it wasn’t Joe Biden who spoke this marvelously garbled word salad. It was Georgia Governor Brian Kemp.

The best part is Fox News host Lawrence Jones’ reaction. ” Yup, nailed it Governor Kemp! Truer words were never spoken!” Land of the home and freedom range. Hmmmmm. Gotta be a song in there somewhere.

” Land of the home, and freedom range,

where the deer and the antelope play,

where the socialists fear, the hooves of the deer,

and the phrases are garbled all day “


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3 thoughts on “Land Of The Home And Freedom Range

  1. Yes, Joe Biden is too busy talking about how you can’t believe anything he said during his campaign. “No you don’t get a $15/hr minimum wage, we are leaving Afghanistan except for those 20K mercenaries and billions for military hardware we will continue to pay for, and no, I won’t forgive a dime of usurious student loan debt and Neera Tanden, soundly rejected for a cabinet post in a wholly bipartisan manner, is my senior advisor…”

    The guy with dementia can’t intervene to stop the genocide in Gaza or even threaten to quit selling arms to Israel and expects us to believe that those only for “defensive,” use armaments sold to the Saudi military will never be used for offensive military action to immediately imperil the lives of 400K children and civilians in Yemen.

    With the predicted staunch right-wing and corporatist policy from Biden, even Ben Wikler has to start finally paying attention to WI state politics to attempt to get a “Dem,” talking point after neglecting all state political matters almost exclusively since he attained his chair position here.

    1. A democrat disappoints? Hasn’t that been the norm since Carter? Then Obama took disappointment to new levels expanding the drone war after getting his “Peace” Prize.

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