Americans Need To Sue The Senate And Have The Filibuster Declared Unconstitutional!

Yes, I realize that on the face of it the basic filibuster isn’t unconstitutional…but I am using it in its generic sense just as the media and politicians do. It should be changed a bit…if the pompous buffoons like Sen. Lindsay Graham or Sen. Ted Cruz want to bloviate on the Senate floor until they collapse…so be it…it’s a great Senate tradition. But they should be required to actually do so and they should be required to stay on topic. If they really feel the need to read ‘Green Eggs and Ham’ at times, there are plenty of public libraries in their home states who are looking for story time princesses who can accommodate them.

Now what I am talking about is the vote requirement to end a filibuster. It takes 60 votes. This is what I consider unconstitutional. It violates the One American/One Vote tenet of American democracy. 51 votes should be all that’s necessary and I would suggest a simple majority of those actually present on the floor should do it. That alone should be an incentive to avoid filibusters in the future. So the voters need to sue the Senate and push it to the SCOTUS to have the 60 vote rule nullified.

side note: the actual Senate structure is a violation of the One American/One Vote tenet as well…but that’s for another day…a day that appears to be on the nearer horizon.


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