Bamboo Brandtjen Should Go To Michigan

Wisconsin’s lead election conspiracist, Janel ” Bamboo ” Brandtjen, recently traveled to Arizona to observe whatever the hell it is that’s going on out there in Maricopa County, and upon her return promptly announced she’d like to see an ” Arizona style audit ” of Wisconsin’s election results, which presumably includes sending voter data to a remote cabin ( umm, excuse me, ” lab” ) in Montana. As an aside, didn’t Ted Kaczynski have a remote ” lab ” in Montana?

Anyway, if Brandtjen and her co-conspiracists can fly to Arizona on a wild goose chase one should think they could all hop into a car and drive over to Lansing MI, where GOP State Senators have determined that there was no systemic fraud in last November’s election.

In a 55 page report the GOP led state Senate Oversight Committee said that Michiganders could have confidence in the election results showing that Joe Biden won the state, and they went on to urge Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel to probe those who have made baseless claims of fraud to raise money or generate publicity ” for their own ends”.

Note to Robin Vos: this is how you restore public confidence in our elections. You can’t do it by authorizing a pack of kooks to fly to Arizona to mingle with another pack of kooks, or by hiring retired cops to investigate God knows what. You do it by telling your base the truth: there was no election fraud and Donald Trump is an unscrupulous madman determined to infect as many people as is possible with his madness.

So, Boss Vos, tell Brandtjen and her merry band of crispy cranium conspiracists to grab a state van and drive over to Lansing. Maybe you’ll all learn something.


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