Which Democrat Should Run In The 3rd CD?

With the surprise announcement from democrat Ron Kind that he’s not running for re-election in the 3rd congressional district, the buzz has started about who will step up to keep the seat blue. My pick is democrat Katrina Shankland, Assembly Rep for the 71st district out of Stevens Point.

Shankland is smart, young, energetic, homegrown and well respected by both her constituents and fellow legislators. Based on what I know of her from friends in the Stevens Point area, she has the kind of crossover appeal that can build a coalition of mainstream democrats, Berniecrats and independents, which is what will be needed to defeat republican Derrick Van Orden. Van Orden has built his campaign almost solely around attacking Kind and will likely struggle to find a campaign strategy with Kind gone.

So who’s your pick and why?


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3 thoughts on “Which Democrat Should Run In The 3rd CD?

  1. My picks are Jen Shilling and (especially) Kathleen Vinehout. Shankland is possible IF the district includes Stevens Point.

    How CD-3 ends up being drawn is obviously a big factor.

  2. I’ll nominate Myron Bucholz who ran against Kind in the 2016 Democratic primary. Myron Bucholz was the obvious choice for those seeking a “Progressive” candidate, and he still articulates agressively for critical progressive positions. Take a look at his current Twitter tweets:


    We don;t need another Democrat who is really Republican-Lite.

    Recruit and support Myron Bucholz!

  3. Myron Buchholz is deserving of support– he is a “Bernie Sanders Progressive” and did well in the 2016 Democratic 3rd district primary in 2016. We need to elect a Progressive candidate– not another Democrat who is Republican-lite,

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