Some Questions for Robin Vos’ Spokespeople

Good afternoon. I write with a Wisconsin-based press follow-up to the interview Speaker Vos gave to the One America News Network, aired on October 6. (I realize I am late to this, but I don’t watch OAN. Also, I searched and did not find any local news source with answers to these follow-up questions.) This is being submitted to both official and campaign contacts, as I am not sure whether Speaker Vos views the subject of the November, 2020 election as a campaign or legislative matter.

  1. In the interview, Speaker Vos said, “The burden should really be on the government to prove that what people are alleging isn’t true, as opposed to somehow saying the citizen has to figure out what occurred in the middle of the night in the City of Milwaukee.” Does Speaker Vos have any reason to believe that the repeated explanations for the early morning report on November 4 already offered by the City of Milwaukee, Milwaukee County, the Wisconsin Elections Commission, and even Republican Assembly Majority Leader Jim Steineke have been insufficient? Does Speaker Vos think those explanations have been false? Does Speaker Vos doubt the results reported by the City of Milwaukee, despite their confirmation in a recount?
  2. In the interview, Speaker Vos refers to “professional prosecutors,” plural, and implies they have experience with investigating elections. Who are the members of the investigating team, other than Michael Gableman, who have experience as prosecutors? How many of the at-least five people working for Gableman are or have been prosecutors or district attorneys, and where have they served? Do any actually have experience investigating elections? Zak Niemierowicz, who seems to be acting as Gableman’s spokesperson, is not an attorney; Andrew Kloster, while an attorney, does not list prosecutor in his public biographies or on his LinkedIn profile. And Gableman himself has been open about not understanding how Wisconsin elections work. Is there anyone on Gableman’s team who does know how Wisconsin elections, or any elections, work?
  3. In the interview, Speaker Vos said, “I already believe there was fraud in the Wisconsin election. … Fraud, in my mind, was clearly committed.” Will Speaker Vos release the evidence he has that fraud occurred? Where did it occur? What races were affected by this fraud? If Speaker Vos is unwilling at this time to release his evidence, will he offer a date certain to release it? If presented with an Open Records request, will he release it? Does Speaker Vos disagree with US Senator Ron Johnson who believes there was not fraud, but rather voters who voted for their local Republicans but refused to voted for Donald Trump?
  4. At the time of the interview, was Speaker Vos aware that Christina Bobb of OAN is not merely a journalist, but has in fact been working for the Trump campaign to keep what some have called “The Big Lie” in the news, reporting stories on OAN at the direct request of people like Rudy Giuliani? And that Bobb has been running a dark-money organization collecting money for such things as the Maricopa County “audit,” which even Michael Gableman has disparaged? That Bobb’s organization paid to send Wisconsin legislators to observe that “audit”?

Thank you for your time and attention to this matter.

NOTE TO READERS: I will update this post with answers, should I receive any.


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