One take away on gun control per the Rittenhouse case from Kenosha.

I am not going down the various rabbit holes around the Rittenhouse case. But one thing came out of the case that should trouble a lot of people. About a week into the trial, Judge Bruce Schroeder threw out a charge that Kyle Rittenhouse was a minor in possession of a dangerous weapon.

Rittenhouse attorneys Mark Richards and Corey Chirafisi pointed to an exception in the law that they said allows minors to possess shotguns and rifles as long as they’re not short-barreled.

Given this supposed loop hole actually allows a minor to not only possess but parade around with a firearm, the state legislature needs to clarify their intent with this law. If you read the link above there is more detail about the wording of the law and how the court interpreted it for the Rittenhouse case. But a minor shouldn’t be allowed to possess a gun or carry it in public.

Why? What groups in the United States have the most complete and thorough gun training and safety protocols? Possibly local police forces but certainly the U. S. Army and the U. S. Marine Corps. And Kyle Rittenhouse isn’t qualified to be an Army soldier nor a Marine.

In order to join the all volunteer military in the United States, the recruit must be 18 years of age. Mr. Rittenhouse was not 18 at the time that he shot and killed two people on the streets of Kenosha. I imagine that the military has a pretty good reason that they prefer recruits who are over 18 years of age. (yes, I know that there are sometimes exceptions but…)

And the military requires all of their recruits to be high school graduates. Not GED holders. They have to have graduated from high school. From above that may be partly why 18 is the minimum age. So even as he was acquitted a few days ago, Mr. Rittenhouse still isn’t qualified to join the military and use one of their weapons. News reports have stated that Mr. Rittenhouse is a high school drop out.

But we are comfortable letting minors carry deadly weapons around in public and use deadly force and kill people while those who we rely on to protect us, don’t trust that same demographic? The Wisconsin statutes need to be reviewed and amended as needed.


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