Then it was Friday in Kenosha, and this happened:

Will Rittenhouse acquittal lead to more armed confrontations at protests? an edited version of this article appeared in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel print edition on November 22, 2021.

this one is not like the other…

(former Wisconsin Supreme Court justice Janine) Geske said that in light of the verdict, lawmakers should reassess gun laws and permitting for guns at protests.

“To allow people to open-carry guns at protests is asking for violence in our streets. We’re going to have both groups arming themselves soon, the protesters and the anti-protesters,” she said, and those who survive “can claim self-defense.”

emphasis mine

“This verdict doesn’t set a legal precedent in the sense that it makes new law or binds future decisions,” Findley (Keith Findley, a professor of criminal law at the University of Wisconsin) said. “But it does help set a cultural norm. It sends a message to the community that it is OK to show up at protests, at very volatile public events, and take the law into your own hands because the law will cover your back if things go bad.”

Will visions of people of color protecting protests in Wisconsin spur House Speaker Robin Vos to actually move on reasonable restrictions on gun use?


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