Will Waukesha Parade Carnage Convince the Wisconsin Criminal Authorities to Take Domestic Violence More Seriously?

Milwaukee resident Darrell Brooks Jr. has been charged with five homicides and other crimes and injuries as a result of his alleged actions driving a vehicle into the participants of a holiday parade in Waukesha on November 21, 2021. Mr. Brooks was out on bail for firing a gun during an argument. The bail was $1,000. He was also being investigated for running a woman over with his vehicle in a gas station. Bail for that hasn’t been set but was also recommended at $1,000. Mr. Brooks apparently suffers from some form of mental illness and has a long history of violence…involving guns and domestic incidents (see the immediately previous link).

The Milwaukee County District Attorney has openly stated that the bail amounts were ridiculously low. And he is catching a lot of flack from Republicans who say liberal bail policies are to blame. Maybe…but:

All too often, even in the MeToo era, it seems that incidents of domestic abuse or domestic violence are NOT taken as seriously as they should be my law enforcement and public prosecutors. And this seems to be just one more case like that.

So when will the law give domestic violence the attention it requires? When will abusers be properly handled and when will their victims be properly protected?

And then there is this:

Investigators learned Brooks was involved in a “domestic disturbance” before he drove into the parade route, the chief said (Waukesha Police Chief Daniel Thompson).

As of this writing I have not heard of any investigation into this reported “domestic disturbance” nor any related charges. A number of news stories last week indicated that authorities were responding to the reported incident but did not respond as they were redirected to the events at the parade. And there was no police chase of Mr. Brooks that would have caused him to drive into the parade route.

So what will it take to get proper actions to prevent and hold people accountable for domestic violence in Wisconsin?


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