How Can You Implement More ‘Made In America’ When You Can’t Even Find Employee’s For Existing Business?

Even in Rust Belt! The Wisconsin jobless rate fell to a record low of 2.8% in December

Wisconsin’s unemployment rate fell to a record low 2.8% in December, the state Department of Workforce Development said Thursday.

It edged downward from 3% in November, the previous state record.

Dennis Winters, chief economist for the Department of Workforce Development, said the continued low jobless rate was an indication of a very tight labor market.

Most everybody that wants a job is on the job,” Winters said. “It’s good for workers and we’re seeing that in wages being bid up. The other side of the sword is businesses are forced to be more competitive in their attempts to hire.”

So, 2.8% is a record? Where are we going to find enough people to grow Wisconsin’s economy? Moving jobs off shore used to be a practice employed to reduce labor costs. But I don’t see how you bring those jobs back if there isn’t anyone available to fill them.


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