Interim UW President Tommy Thompson Resigns…Thank You For Your Efforts for UW!

Other than the Wisconsin State Legislature, the University of Wisconsin Board of Regents is one of the more inept organizations in the state. They have been unable to hire a new University System President for essentially years now.

One of the best things they did was to hire former Wisconsin Governor Tommy Thompson as Interim President. And under very…very…trying circumstances surrounding the University’s entrenched and ancient policies and then the COVID pandemic…Mr. Thompson effectively led the University System. He will certainly be missed and the University will have a hard time finding someone of his stature and leadership to move the UW system into the 21st Century.

From the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: University of Wisconsin System interim President Tommy Thompson is resigning

“Tommy Thompson was the right man at the right time. His leadership has helped carry us through a pandemic and set the standard for managing during a crisis,” said University of Wisconsin System Board of Regents President Edmund Manydeeds III in a statement Friday. “As important, President Thompson has been a relentless champion of the University of Wisconsin. It showed in everything he did as System President.”

As a senior student at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee, I have appreciated his efforts on behalf of the University. Mr. Thompson’s resignation will be effective March 18, 2022. Good luck and Godspeed sir.


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