SO, $500,000 Later, And All Gableman Has Are The Same Fairy Tales And Fantasies That He Started With.

The report that former Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman released about the 2020 Presidential election in Wisconsin just reiterates his original fairy tales and fantasies without any substantiation.

Absentee voting is still bad. Drop boxes are still bad. Early voting is still bad. Voting machines are still bad. Private grants to finance voting sites are still bad. But he has provided absolutely no documentation that any of these things actually effected any elections in Wisconsin.

BUT…and here’s the BUT…numbers from nursing homes look funny…but no proof that anything was actually wrong…and a number of papers have since debunked that point.

AND…the legislature should de-certify the election even though that’s been said to be illegal and impossible by any number of legal organizations from throughout the state. And why was that even something he felt he had to weigh in on…it certainly isn’t in the purview of his supposed investigation.

So how much longer are Wisconsin taxpayers expected to pay for this poke without even a fake pig in it.

And thank you Wisconsin media for finally ending use of his Supreme Court era photos and using contemporary ones of the puffy rosacead Mike Gableman that Assembly Speaker Robin Vos has come to know and love.


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