Tommy Thompson Just Trashed All The Good Will He Earned As Interim UW President.

And for me, as a UWM student, I really appreciated the work that former WI Governor Tommy Thompson did to protect the student body during the COVID pandemic and protect the University in general from the reckless nut cases in control of the Wisconsin Legislature.

But this news report blows that whole feel good thing:

Tommy Thompson is meeting Thursday with former President Donald Trump as he ponders another run for governor.

Thompson in February said he planned to decide whether to run by the end of April — about three months before the Aug. 9 Republican primary.

Three people familiar with Thompson’s plans said he was meeting with the former president at Mar-a-Lago on Thursday.

Thompson was elected governor four times and left office to serve as health secretary under George W. Bush

Trump has not signaled whether he will endorse in the race but his support has been coveted by Republican candidates and potential candidates.

Despite his occasional animosity toward Milwaukee, former Governor Thompson was respected as someone who always tried to push forward the State of Wisconsin as a whole. And his tenure as the head of the UW system was just icing on that cake. He has a good rep…or had…and he doesn’t need the former guy’s endorsement to win the GOP primary in Wisconsin.


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1 thought on “Tommy Thompson Just Trashed All The Good Will He Earned As Interim UW President.

  1. Dear Mr. Thompson, I have been a decades long admirer of yours. You have done so much good for the state of Wisconsin.
    I was dismayed to hear that you went to Florida to see the former guy. Like you need his endorsement to be a successful candidate for a possible run at the governor of Wisconsin? What were you thinking?
    This is like advocating for public health and then getting caught coming out of the brothel.

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