And This Is Perfectly OK With GOP Leadership?? Death Threats?

“And by the way, we should try Anthony Fauci and put him in front of a firing squad,” said Bennett (Oklahoma GOP Chair John Bennett, who is running for Congress), not really expanding on what crime he believes Fauci has committed.

Republicans Cheer As Congressional Candidate Demands Fauci’s Execution By Firing Squad

Of course he tried to temper the comment with this:

Then he added: “And for the Secret Service, if they’re listening, I’m not advocating we kill Anthony Fauci … until he’s convicted of his crimes through a court.”

So what the flock? This is supposed to be acceptable political discourse? John Bennett should be removed from his post as state party chair and soundly censured by his party and peers. And the Secret Service had better be listening because some in his audience seem to be taking him seriously.


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