Gableman Submits Fraudulent Invoices But The State Pays Them.

Well it continues to sadden me as we watch Michael Gableman continue his decline from a questionable Wisconsin Supreme Court justice to an out and out grifter at taxpayer expense. And despite Assembly Speaker Robin Vos’ assurances that Gableman’s inquiry into the 2020 election is under supervision…everything seems to point to that not being entirely accurate. For instance:

Newly released records show taxpayers picked up the cost of sending attorney Michael Gableman to address a Republican Party county chapter, where he promoted his partisan review of the 2020 election and called on one of his loudest critics to resign from office.   

The former Supreme Court justice billed taxpayers $234 for roundtrip travel from his office in Brookfield to the Chippewa County Republican Party event. An aide to a top Republican said Saturday officials would make Gableman pay the state back.

Well making him repay the fraudulent charges is well and good, but then there is this:

An aide to Gableman did not say why Gableman billed the state for his travel to Chippewa Falls.

Two months later, Assembly Chief Clerk Ted Blazel’s office cut a check for Gableman’s expenses.

In response to questions about why the state paid the expense, Vos spokeswoman Angela Joyce said by email Saturday that Gableman’s handwritten invoice for mileage reimbursement was not clear.

Remember that good old adage often spoken by GOP candidates for office that want to ‘reform’ how government works? You know the one, government should be run like a business.

I don’t know of any business where I worked or owned that would pay a handwritten invoice that “was not clear”. Before you write a check you understand what the invoice is for. You know whether you received the invoiced goods or services. You don’t just send the money and then hope to get it back when it turns out to be fraudulent.

There is obviously no oversight in Madison from the GOP majority nor a lick of business sense among them. Yes, $234 isn’t a lot of money but if they can’t handle that how do we trust them with the real budgets?


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