Cancel Culture? Mike Gableman Understands How To Use It!

I have gotten used to the GOP lies and misinformation and misdirection…and then moments later moving in the other direction when they sense a wind shift. But it’s always amused me when they go on and one about cancel culture while they are doing precisely that.

This article is behind a paywall so most of you won’t be able to read it…so I’ll summarize but it isn’t that important to this post: Michael Gableman backs away from talk of election decertification, Republican leaders say

But essentially Gableman said he supported decertification in his written report but now has walked away from that position. Of course it’s a position that was never tenable and he should never have supported it in the first place…but so it goes in GOPland.

But the point I took away from this article was this:

Gableman declined to answer questions about his views on decertification. After a Journal Sentinel reporter emailed him questions, Gableman sent a response Wednesday saying he had blocked the reporter’s email address to prevent future communications.

emphasis mine

So, cancel culture or not? Does a contract employee of the state legislature have the right to block the press? If this was an elected official the answer is no. But since he’s working directly on behalf of Robin Vos and has claimed extensive rights as such, can/should he be able to block the working press?

Just goes to show you, the most knowledgeable complainers of cancel culture are those most ready to practice it.


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