What? We Didn’t Try To Move Boeing To The Foxconn Campus?

Well, another strange turn of events in corporate America: Boeing’s Thursday announcement that it would be moving its headquarters from Chicago to Arlington, Va.

Boeing earlier announced that it would be moving its headquarters to Arlington and establishing a research and technology hub in Northern Virginia.

Boeing CEO Dave Calhoun indicated in a statement on the announcement that Warner (Virginia Sen. Mark Warner (D)) and Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin (R) had both been involved in the matter.

A Virginia state official told The Hill ahead of Boeing’s announcement that Youngkin had a personal relationship with Calhoun because of their overlap in the business world, and that there had been several months of communication over it.

That official also confirmed that there would be state incentives involved.

Incentives? Hmmmm…Wisconsin does incentives…why didn’t Boeing move to the Foxconn site? Oh, I guess Robin Vos is too busy trying to keep track of Michael Gableman to be paying attention to business.


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