The New 49ers: Kleefisch, Michels, Nicholson

No, not talking about the players drafted by the NFL team in San Francisco, talking about GOP candidates for WI Governor who are living large in….1849: the year the prevailing laws around abortion were passed…those that now rule in Wisconsin following Friday’s SCOTUS decision rolling back Roe v. Wade.

These quotes are from the e-edition of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and are available to subscribers. The article will probably be released in the wild in the next day or two.

“Right now I am standing with the 1849 law that includes the exception for the health of the mother,” former Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch said in an interview with WISN. Kleefisch has said she does not support adding exceptions for pregnancies that result from rape or incest.

Construction executive Tim Michels, who also has said he does not support allowing abortions for victims of rape or incest, said Saturday in Milwaukee that the ruling was taking America in a positive direction.

“What a great day it was yesterday. I can’t say enough about the direction that that has taken America right now,” Michels said.

Management consultant Kevin Nicholson also does not support expanding the 1849 law to include more exceptions.

Nicholson said he wants to push more funding to groups that provide counseling to mothers with unexpected pregnancies.

“Now in the next steps, we’re gonna have to continue to work with families throughout Wisconsin.

So welcome to 1849! Sorry, there ain’t no gold here. But asses aplenty!


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