Ron Johnson Finally Comes Clean On The Current Supreme Court!

“The reason we have a two-tiered system is because our justice system is increasingly populated with political partisans who are incapable of administering justice equally,” Johnson said. 

What a scathing rebuke of the United States Supreme Court from one of America’s most self-proclaimed conservative voices…oh wait…what? This just in, I just now have the complete text. He wasn’t condemning Kavanaugh et al but ranting about a nominee for US Attorney. sigh.

Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) announced on Tuesday that he will not support President Biden’s nominee (Sopen Shah) to be a federal prosecutor in Wisconsin over tweets she posted that Johnson said show she is a “political partisan.”

Apparently Sopen Shah posted tweets (now deleted) labeling the January 6th Insurectionists as Terrorists…and rightly so. But the real crux maybe her criticism of Johnson which was most likely appropriate as well. To whit:

…tweet from February of 2021 shows Shah saying she is confident that Johnson “does not know how law works.”

Something that many of us in Wisconsin are all painfully aware of.


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