Ron Johnson Is Sniveling About Opponents Campaign Funding

It is rather amusing that one of the richest politicians in contemporary Wisconsin politics is complaining about the dollars being raised and spent by other politicians. He’s somebody who could fund his own campaign…sorta like a red Herb Kohl.

Of course, on the one hand, he’s running unopposed on the Republican ticket for his re-election as a US Senator. So until August 10, he doesn’t have an actual opponent…so no one’s actually running against him. So I don’t know where his angst is coming from.

On the other hand, of course, the winner of the August 9th Democratic primary will be directly running against Ron ‘Moscow’ Johnson. And on the other other hand, the Dems running for Senate have pretty much avoided targeting each other and have been running on what they will do in Washington and pointing out the foibles and shortcomings of Ron ‘Ivermectin’ Johnson.

But back to those campaign dollars. One of his quibbles is third party funding. Well, if this is actually a big deal, he’s had eleven plus years in the senate to work on correcting that…but we know why that never happened.

It’s because he is a huge beneficiary of third party programs. I am a heavy user of YouTube to listen to music while I work on my computer(s). And I get a lot of political ads…a lot…before I can watch/listen to my selected music video. And right now, ads for Ron Johnson are the predominant video ads…I don’t remember seeing any for Barnes, Lasry, Godlewski, or Nelson in weeks. They are all for Johnson and the majority of them are from third parties. I let them run despite being a total waste of time but I don’t mind spending their money frivolously. LOL! I don’t remember the group that was running heavy rotation last month, but the past week or so they have all been One Nation America.

Now, that brings us to another nugget from this past weekend. It was rather amazing the I found a hang tag for Johnson on my door knob. And I knew immediately that it wasn’t from the Johnson campaign because the Republicans like the Democrats have their voter databases and aren’t going to waste campaign lit by leaving it at the home of a solid blue voter. But they did. AND they had to walk past a brand spanking new Mandela Barnes for US Senate sign to reach my door. The idiots involved? Americans For Prosperity Action.

And then the next interesting little tidbit is, the text is written as if he’s an outsider. And a new candidate, not an incumbent. What? He’s finishing his second term for crying out loud and was in the majority for quite a few years.

Take on D.C. to stop inflation? He is D.C. and he’s an elected official. If he has a solution for inflation (which he doesn’t), he should be proposing it in D.C. or at least running on his plan. Yes, I know this is a third party that can’t co-ordinate with the campaign (and I’d laugh up my sleeve if I had any but it is July in Wisconsin)…but they should know if Johnson had any actual plans for stopping inflation. shrug.

So there you have it, whining about opposition spending, getting plenty of third party support of his own, still playing the ‘outsider’, and taking on issues without, like, a plan or platform. True to form.

Can’t wait until November 8th and we put Ron ‘Insurrectionist’ Johnson out to pasture.


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