Funny What Ron Johnson Partisans Get Riled About

Needless to say, I have been mildly trolling Sen. Johnson’s twitter feed about his stand on abortion, marriage equality, his lies in general, his involvement in January 6th, his involvement in the alternative electors scam, and his whining about third party support for the Dems when he’s the beneficiary of millions of bucks in third party ads himself.

But I get almost no push back from anyone on any of those issues…I would say 99% silence. So I was shocked on what topic got their undies in a bundle…when I replied to his tweet about a doctor who got his license pulled for touting ivermectin as a COVID cure. Well I admit to turning the sarcasm knob up from 4 to maybe 8…but I got dozens of replies. And not surprisingly far too many of them offered ‘medical’ advice that is just as nuts as Johnson’s ivermectin and Listerine cures.

apparently Elon Musk needs to create a sarcasm emoji post haste

and then some of my favorites replies.

C’est La Vie!


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