Why Did It Take The Republican National Convention Coming To Milwaukee, For This To Happen?

Really?? US Marshals arrest 260 in southeast Wisconsin; ‘violent criminals’

As Milwaukee prepares for the Republican National Convention (RNC), law enforcement is trying to clean up the streets.

Task Force Officer Jake was our guide. The opportunity provided a front-row seat to what was being called Operation Big Top – targeting some of the area’s most violent fugitives as the RNC approaches.

“Many of these people who are avoiding capture that are out on these warrants are continuing to engage in criminal activity. For that reason, it makes this mission even more important,” Task Force Officer Jake said.

“You’ve got people from all over the country going to be showing up to Milwaukee and we wanted to at least do our small part in trying to curb some of the violence that occurs within the city,” said Scott Keller, Supervisory Deputy U.S. Marshal.

Operation Big Top results

  • Total Arrests: 260 (29 on Homicide)
  • Warrants Cleared: 437
  • Gang members: 28
  • Firearms seized: 83
  • Narcotics seized: 132.8 kg
  • U.S. Currency seized: $84,547.00
  • Vehicles seized: 1

So, if the RNC weren’t coming to Milwaukee next week, these criminals would still be at large in the community? Really?? Why???


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