I hope he’s OK and just trying to save his future political aspirations by staying away from the president.

Or Support Bill or Stimulus Bill…depending on how you look at it.

But everyone should be back on Washington today…or at least the major players should be.

Where’s the next economic relief bill? There shouldn’t be anything else on the table this week…nothing else.

And from Washington? Mum’s the word!

yes I know that I am bending my own civility rule here but given the current environment…the gloves are starting to come off. This joke trend has been active on Twitter the past two days…this is the best one yet!

Milwaukee County presidential recount wraps up with Biden adding to his margin over Trump:

Milwaukee County’s recount of the presidential election vote tally came to an end Friday, with Democratic President-elect Joe Biden adding 132 votes to his margin of victory over President Donald Trump in Milwaukee County.

In all, Biden gained 257 votes and Trump added 125. The results came Friday evening, seven days after the effort to recount nearly 460,000 ballots cast in the county began at the downtown Wisconsin Center. The final tally totaled 459,723.

Before the recount, Biden had 317,270 votes in Milwaukee County to Trump’s 134,357. The recount boosted the totals to 317,527 for Biden and 134,482 for Trump.

Milwaukee County Clerk George Christenson said after the Milwaukee County Board of Commissioners adjourned at 5:30 p.m. that the recount demonstrated that elections in the county are fair, transparent, accurate and secure.

Dane County is reportedly 65% complete and will be working through the weekend.

But with developments in other states, the ten electoral votes from Wisconsin hardly seem worth pursuing…so after setting up objections during the recount to insure an appeal to the Wisconsin State Supreme Court…will the Trump campaign see any value in it?

Some reporters don’t do math apparently. Here is Pat Poblete’s correction:

Both of the individuals are political reporters.

Wisconsin as a whole and Milwaukee individually has never been pointed at as hot beds of voter fraud…but President Donald Trump decided to lie about it big time on Twitter this afternoon. We need another lawsuit…this time to have him prove it…and then put up and shut up.

Twitter hasn’t flagged this one yet…they are probably having trouble keeping up with his bullshit now that he’s back from golfing.

P.S. Trump wants to throw out ballots from 238,000 Wisconsin voters

Part of President Trump’s pre-election hyperbole was the story that the media and the Democrats were making an issue out of COVID-19 to make him look bad…and that it would go away on November 4th.

Well, just flipping through my Friday November 27, 2020 print edition of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 50% of the editorial content in the news section is about COVID-19 in one form or another: total cases and deaths in Wisconsin (a daily column now), setting up a COVID-19 ward in the Milwaukee County House of Correction, nursing home deaths, comments from a front line nurse on the pressures on hospitals, progress on vaccines, reporter getting selected as a vaccine test subject, etc.

It hasn’t gone away and it’s not going to go away anytime soon. A President Biden won’t be able to turn it around soon enough either and I imagine that he will get push back and lawsuits galore…just like here in Wisconsin.

btw: it has been reported that EIGHT US Senators are currently coronavirus positive…ALL of them Republicans. Just sayin’

Nurses, doctors, and medical support staff who continue to risk their lives to save the lives of COVID-19 victims.

The medical personnel and the various National Guard units who spent time away from their daily routine to administer mass tests for COVID-19 over the past 11 months.

The various election commissioners, city and village clerks, and just every day people who take on working the polls, for remaining calm and doing your jobs while being called liars and fraudsters by the President of the United States.

And my lovely wife who has done her best to keep my emotions up when I’ve dived into a bit of depression or gotten cabin fever while staying safer at home.

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