‘They’ Want To Recall Robin Vos: Part III: Where’s The Money Coming From?

I have written about this on two previous occasions: ‘They’ Want To Recall Robin Vos. But It Isn’t Who You Think. and ‘They’ Want To Recall Robin Vos: Reprise .

You would think after failing at their initial attempt to recall Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, under the weight of their own negligence and arrogance, that ‘they’ would give up. But no, the ‘whack-jobs, morons and idiots’ are determined to keep on keeping on with a second attempt. And low and behold, what did I find in this morning’s Milwaukee Journal Sentinel? A full page ad announcing their efforts and asking everyone to join in. So a couple of questions come to mind. How many people in Vos’ Racine county district read the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel? What kind of ROI do ‘they’ expect?

And who is financing this thing? I hope some of the media out there is following the money because a full pager in the Sunday paper can’t run cheap. I am just curious on who has such a large axe to grind that they are willing to spend quixotic bucks on a recall, when a few months from now they can just primary Vos out of action. Well, if they have a viable candidate.

So here it is (paid for tag follows):

Editor’s Note 4/5/24: This full pager has run two more times since this post including in this mornings paper.


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