‘They’ Want To Recall Robin Vos: Reprise

The ‘whack-jobs, morons and idiots’ as Wisconsin Assembly Speaker Robin Vos addressed them, fell short in their effort to recall the GOP legislative leader. They just didn’t have enough valid signatures and even some of those that they have turned in seem to be fraudulent. I can’t say that I am surprised. But of course the radical right can’t leave things there, so they have filed a number of lawsuits, and for an extension to cure their petition issues, AND:

have started another recall effort.

While (Matthew) Snorek delivered around 11,000 signatures to the WEC on March 12 in the first recall effort, an initial review by agency attorneys determined there weren’t enough valid signatures from people living within Vos’ 63rd Assembly District.

A second recall attempt has been launched against Wisconsin Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, the effort driven by the same organizers who appear to have fallen short of signatures in their first attempt to remove the powerful Republican from office.

Burlington resident Matthew Snorek filed paperwork with the Wisconsin Elections Commission Wednesday. It states Vos “should be recalled for his tacit support of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), a “lack of election integrity” and “flagrant disrespect for his own constituents by calling them ‘whack-jobs, morons and idiots.’”

At this point, I have to agree with Vos, this group is a bunch of ‘whack-jobs, morons and idiots’. We are just weeks away from starting to collect signatures for the August partisan primary elections. Recalling Vos now is a waste of time AND it would allow him to collect unlimited campaign funds to defend himself. If you want him out, just primary him, assuming you’ve got a viable candidate…which you will need to run a recall election or a primary election, take your pick I guess. But why give him the time and ability to build a big war chest…which he certainly will do since he’s too effective a puppet for the monied powers that be in the state.

So let it go and run a primary challenge…it’s your better bet.

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