4 thoughts on “Are You Better Off Than Four Years Ago? The Dow Says Yes! Thank You Joe Biden!!

  1. Yeah, because poor people getting decimated by Biden inflation are so heavily invested in the Dow (**snort**), right?

    1. My original post was a bit tongue in cheek. But Biden inflation? This round of inflation is nearly worldwide. And the president, any president, has little influence on inflation, the stock market, or gas prices, so to blame them or praise them for any changes is quite foolish.

    2. although I would imagine those retirees currently making withdrawals from their IRAs and 401(k) accounts are appreciating increases in the DJIA

  2. A few months ago we saw reports that fully 53% of inflation was due to corporate profit staking. Today we learn that the largest food stores used supply chain excuses to raise and keep prices high. We’d all be a lot better off if not for mindless corporate greed.

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