Democrats Behaving Badly, If They Are Actually Democrats

My friends and I have received a number of texts over the past month or so from I am not sure how legit this organization is but their website is certainly aimed at harvesting money. This last message is just a bit insulting and demanding, and I did not respond particularly well to the message.

Barack Obama: “Whatever You’ve Done So Far Is Not Enough!”

Give us $10 to DESTROY Trump and we’ll 400% MATCH it: (then the link)


Given the ‘tude in this message and the terse structure, if Democrats are behind this, I’d find it hard to believe that Pres. Obama supports this. But I may be wrong. [BTW: The Obama quote is from the 2020 election]

But the whole thing smells bad to me. And a Google seems to suggest that the domain was registered in Germany and little is known about who owns it. So I will just leave it there for now with these two screen shots from my search:


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