Endorsement: Re-elect David Crowley As Milwaukee County Executive!

David Crowley is just completing his first term as Milwaukee County Executive. As a life long county resident he is very familiar with the issues facing the county, the cities within the county, and the region in general. Before being elected County Exec, Crowley served in the Wisconsin State Assembly for four years

Crowley has been one of the most active and visible county executives in recent history and has been focused on getting the county behind quality of life issues for its residents…things like housing, transit, improved parks, improved state and federal funding, public safety, transparent county budgeting, and co-operating with other local leaders to get the job done.

And for the first time in a number of administrations, the county and the City of Milwaukee are working in unison, not at odds with one another. This is in no small part due to Crowley’s ability and willingness to work with Milwaukee Mayor Cavalier Johnson. And he’s used his connections and familiarity with state government to the advantage of the county.

David Crowley deserves another four years as County Executive. His youth, enthusiasm. and get things done attitude will serve the county well.

The non-partisan election for County Executive is April 2, re-elect David Crowley!!


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