Those of you who are longtime readers of Blogging Blue may remember Jeff Simpson, who blogged here for several years. After leaving Blogging Blue, Jeff began blogging for Cognitive Dissidence, and from CogDis comes news Jeff is once again battling cancer.

As many of Jeff Simpson’s friends and friends of this blog know, Jeff is a cancer survivor.  In 2010, he had a major operation to remove a large tumor.  The cancer was Chondrosarcoma – “an uncommon type of cancer that begins in cartilage around bones.”

Sadly, four and a half years later, Jeff has experienced a recurrence.

The good news is that due to Jeff’s taking good care of himself and having regular scans, they caught it much earlier this time.  Even then, the tumor is two inches long.

Due to the fact that this particular type of cancer is resistant to chemotherapy and radiation, surgery is necessary.  Jeff will have an operation on Friday to remove the tumor.  While the tumor is much smaller than last time, it is in a difficult location.  Jeff’s doctor has compared it to reaching for something in the back of a drawer.  It’s difficult but very doable.

While Jeff is experiencing some anxiety, which is utterly understandable and perfectly normal, he is maintaining a very positive attitude and is confident that he will overcome this as he has every other obstacle.

During a time like this, one would expect that people could put aside their differences and out of basic human decency, at least say nothing, if not wish Jeff well.

Unfortunately, in Fitzwalkerstan, that is too much to expect.  On an old post by Jeff, regarding the Knotzies, one of them left a message last week to show how devoid of decency these trolls are by leaving the following comment (which, for obvious reasons, was never published):

Hope that you die of cancer Jeff Simpson 

Nice, huh?

Anyway, we know that the majority of our readers are much nicer and way classier than these fools.

Saying that, please join us at Cog Dis and remember Jeff and his family this Friday in your thoughts and prayers.  Jeff and his family also invite us to join them in lighting a candle at 9 pm tonight in a show of solidarity and well-wishing.

If you’d like to donate some money to Jeff and his family, you can click this link to make a secure donation.

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4 Responses to Light a candle for Jeff Simpson

  1. John Casper says:

    Prayers for Jeff.

  2. Paul says:

    All the best Jeff – may the man upstairs guide you through this surgery and for years beyond!

  3. Gregory says:

    Prayers and thoughts going to Jeff. We all know family and friends who have walked this road and how much reaching out by others can mean and assist in making the road to recovery. Medical advances are amazing as are prayers. We all walk with Jeff in spirit on Friday and in the days to come.

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