Random post-election thoughts

  • I’m happy the 2008 election has come to a close with the election of President-elect Barack Obama.
  • Though I’ll not have as much easy blog fodder, I certainly am glad to not have to suffer through all the negative ads we saw during this campaign. To be honest, I was getting awfully tired of hearing, “candidate so and so eats babies” and “candidate X is a communist marxist socialist Muslim” ads.
  • I look forward to hearing and reading more about the kinds of people President-elect Obama will choose to serve in his administration and more specifically his Cabinet. “Rahmbo” Emmanuel is already on board as White House Chief of Staff, and I’ve heard there’s already a lot of jockeying among notable Democrats for the marquee positions in an Obama Cabinet. (Bill Richardson for Secretary of State, anyone?)
  • Isn’t it too early to start the 2012 election positioning? Apparently not, as Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal already has a visit to Iowa planned for next month, and I’ve also heard a rumor (I’ve not been able to find any mention of it on the intertubes) that former GOP presidential candidate Mike Huckabee will be visiting Iowa in November as well.

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