Wood should resign

State Rep. Jeff Wood (I-Bloomer) should resign his office.

I don’t say that lightly, but after having had time to fully digest the circumstances surrounding Rep. Wood’s arrest, including the fact that his arrest was not his first arrest for Operating While Intoxicated (it was in fact his third arrest), I believe Rep. Wood has demonstrated he has not learned from past behaviors. Despite his two previous convictions for OWI, Rep. Wood chose to get behind the wheel of a car and drive while intoxicated, and to be honest, he’s lucky he didn’t kill someone:

Witnesses had called police to report a car driving erratically on the interstate. One of the witnesses said the driver had driven into the median and struck a sign.

The trooper noted damage to Wood’s car, including a flat tire and damaged rim that suggested the car had been driven some distance after the tire went flat. Wood said he didn’t know how it happened and suggested it may have occurred while he was parking.

Rep. Jeff Wood should do the honorable thing here and resign his position, so that the people he took an oath to represent can have representation they can be proud of.


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