An update on April Griffin

April Griffin mugshotIn the past, I’ve blogged about the sad story of April Griffin, a Milwaukee woman who spent a great deal of time in custody after she refused to reveal the whereabouts of her child to the child’s father, who had been awarded custody. Griffin refused to reveal the location of the child under the auspices that the child’s father had been physically and sexually abusive to her.

A recent comment on a different entry got me to thinking about what happened to April Griffin, so here’s an update. April Griffin’s child, whose location had been hidden by Griffin’s family, was finally found by Milwaukee Police and returned to his father in October 2008, albeit in a very weakened (and apparently abused) condition (emphasis mine):

Most troubling of all, however, were the statements from doctors included in the criminal complaint filed by prosecutors earlier this week. “Upon the statement of Dr. Angela Bier at Children’s Hospital that [the boy Jesse] suffers severely from failure to thrive, is considered short and underweight for his age, is diagnosed with osteopenia (lack of density in the bones), which is likely rickets caused by a dietary deficiency, and fractures to the right tibia and fibula, and a fracture to the left ulna.” Another doctor explained that the fractures appear old and had never been treated.

However, things aren’t over for April Griffin, as she’s currently facing a felony charge of Interfere w/ Child Custody as well as a misdemeanor charge of Resisting or Obstructing an Officer. Acccording to CCAP records, Griffin has been uncooperative with the court process at times, and she is currently in custody on $25,000 cash bail.


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