5 thoughts on “Think of the executives!

  1. why be hatin on profit? I just don’t get it.

    Focusing on profit, on racists, on allegedly violent teabaggers is all a dodge to avoid the real issues.

    1. Rich, if you’re perfectly okay with a health insurance companies making decisions based more on what’s best for their financial bottom lines and less on what’s best for the folks they’re supposed to be covering, then so be it.

  2. Zeedub, that’s a great arguement for regulation….but NOT for a public option.

    The clip laid the smack down on profit but ended with a frame advocating a public option. I don’t get the connection, especially when regulation can get you waht you say you want.

  3. So insurance companies are denying coverage to kids who fall off bikes? That’s what the doc from ‘Scrubs’ says.


    Couldn’t you say that government mandates (those in place and those proposed) are driving costs up?

  4. So Zach, if you are presuming that the problem is that greedy insurance companies are looking out for the bottom line, then in turn you reason the solution to be government coverage that is NOT looking out for a bottom line, in which case everything is covered at any cost. So, how much will that cost? And who is going to pay for it? Don’t you think those questions deserved to be answered?

    Don’t tell me that government participation will magically force insurance companies to somehow lower costs. If government is only looking out for “what’s best for the folks,” then surely they must offer any and all services to everyone. If government is giving away hamburgers away all day, how is McDonalds going to compete? Just be honest about it.

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