Send your open records requests for Rep. Leah Vukmir to Brian Fraley of the MacIver Institute

Several weeks ago, blogger Cory Liebmann of the Eye On Wisconsin blog submitted an open records request to State Rep. Leah Vukmir’s office, and as I write this, Liebmann still has not received a response to his request. However, while Liebmann hasn’t received a response from Rep. Vukmir’s office to his open records request, Brian Fraley of the conservative MacIver Institute knows all about Cory’s request, labeling it a “taxpayer-financed, time-wasting requests that serve as nothing more than free political opposition research fishing expeditions conducted at taxpayers’ expense.”

As I noted on the MacIver Institute’s blog, it’s interesting Brian Fraley was given the text of Liebmann’s request before Rep. Vukmir’s office could even bother responding to his request. What I’m wondering is where future open records requests pertaining to Rep. Leah Vukmir should be routed – to her office, or to the MacIver Institute, care of Brian Fraley?


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7 thoughts on “Send your open records requests for Rep. Leah Vukmir to Brian Fraley of the MacIver Institute

  1. Unreal. I don’t know who Brian Fraley is in respects to Leah Vukmir or other politicians, so this comment isn’t specifically about him, but in my opinion I think people need to look more into bloggers and the candidates they support. It’s my own opinion some bloggers are misusing (perhaps illegally) their professions to help advance their candidate.

  2. BTW…make an open records request on all the open records requests after Cory’s request. See if Brian Fraley made an open records request for this information. If he did it had to be after Cory’s request and then the question would be why was Brian Fraley’s request handled in a timely manner and Cory is still waiting. It’s illegal not to reply to open records requests, isn’t it?

  3. Just wanted to say for the record…even though I had not heard a peep about my reqeust for weeks…I did finally hear back from Vukmir’s office yesterday…about 45 minutes AFTER Fraley blogged about my request and posted an edited version of it.

  4. Fraley’s post, to sum it up:

    Open records requests from Democratic legislators are good but open requests from Republican legislators are bad.

  5. In short another fishing expedition because you don’t have anything to attack her on.

    I’m sure nothing ever leaked to OWN from any (D) Assembly or Senate office.

    1. Fred, if you don’t see a problem with state reps leaking stuff to their favored partisan attack groups, then so be it, but it seems odd to me.

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