Scott Walker’s recycled Brown Bag

On Monday, I wrote about Scott Walker’s “Brown Bag Movement,” and at the time I noted how despite his claims of frugality (and the “Brown Bag Movement” ad campaign to tout that frugality), Walker’s gubernatorial campaign racked up $24,500 in charges for meals for Walker and his campaign staff. At the time, I opined it was hypocritical of Walker to tout his frugality when he was more than happy to blow through thousands of dollars of campaign funds on extravagant meals for himself and his staff, but now comes news Walker’s “Brown Bag Movement” is actually a gimmick recycled from the 1998 campaign of Ohio Republican Senator George Voinovich.

The “Brown Bag” fundraising campaigns by Walker in 2010 and Voinovich in 1998 were designed by the same New Hampshire-based direct mail consulting firm, SCM Associates, and despite his claims of frugality, Walker’s “Brown Bag” fundraising campaign didn’t come cheap – his campaign paid SCM Associates $336,000 last year, according to campaign finance reports.

As Cory Liebmann noted, there aren’t enough brown bags to hold all the phony rhetoric coming from Scott Walker’s gubernatorial campaign.


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