26 thoughts on “Obama: “GOP drove country into a ditch, now they want the keys back”

  1. I can’t believe the party of No didn’t manage to push us off the cliff. They were trying pretty hard. Anything to be back in power though, right?

  2. Obama gave the keys to the muslims, illegals and those who want to live off the rest of our labor and now we are out of the ditch and sinking into a swamp of socialism.

    1. Yeah, none of those illegals are working crummy labor jobs most people wouldn’t do or anything. Also, what has Obama done for illegals? I can’t wait for your response KJ.

    2. For one, how exactly did he “give keys to Muslims?” Second of all, you are obviously implying that there is something wrong with all Muslims. You have that wrong, it’s not Muslims that are a threat it’s zealous religious people, be they Muslims, Christians, or any religion. Zealots in general are bad news but in this case religious zealots are the biggest threat to freedom (to be fought with votes not guns in our homeland). Terrorists are another story altogether and are horrible regardless of their religion.

      Secondly, Obama did nothing to “give keys to illegals.” I seem to recall praising President Bush for attempting to get behind immigration reform before his own party derailed it.

      Thirdly, does it give you comfort to demonize others as “living off the rest of our labor?”

      Fourthly, please learn what socialism even is before spouting off a sound bite like that. The Democratic party is rather right wing compared to true socialists.

  3. How exactly did President Obama get us out of the ditch? He forgot to explain that part. Or was this still part of his comedy routine from the correspondents dinner?

    1. The point is he didn’t get us into it and has worked to try and make things better. Many are trying to re-write history to blame him for this mess and I think it’s right for him to deflect those unjustified attacks. He didn’t cause this mess, so it doesn’t exactly make sense to put the party back in power that wrecked havoc on this country for years prior to finally losing power.

      For me, I cannot in good conscience vote Republican simply because I feel threatened by the more right wing attacks on freedom and justice. No, the entire party is not like that but the malicious attitude of enough people is disturbing enough to me that I don’t even consider fiscal issues when voting for a partisan candidate, because I’m too concerned about pandering to malicious groups that masquerade under fuzzy-sounding names, for example the “American Family Association” or “Concerned Women of America.” It’s chilling to think what these organizations would do if they actually had more power. Heh, in searching about these groups I came across a hate propaganda site called “Americans for Truth,” yet another example of a nice sounding name hiding a sinister purpose.

      1. it doesn’t exactly make sense to put the party back in power that wrecked havoc on this country for years prior to finally losing power.

        But that’s exactly what happened when Barney Frank & Chris Dodd were the ones to lead the reform. Yeah, Frank was the one who said “Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac—are not facing any kind of financial crisis” (in Sept. 2008). The chair of the house Financial Services Committee and the chair of the Senate Banking Committee who were…inattentive, asleep at the wheel would be the very best you could say. If you didn’t want to face facts that it was a willful disregard for doing their jobs for political and personal financial reasons.

        1. Whoever wins the next few elections let’s hope this doesn’t happen again.

          1. Agreed. Or just greed 🙂

            The older I get, the more I just want to see the incumbents ousted whichever side of the aisle they sit. Maybe if it happens enough that they actually fear getting booted and having to get a real job, they’ll start paying better attention to their constituents and behave less out of self-interest.

            Well one can hope.

      1. I guess we’ll never find that out, but I still haven’t heard what Obama did to get us out of the ditch.

        I do think presidents in general get too much credit and too much blame for cycles in the economy — although government is often responsible for making things worse. This time it was the government goal of pushing home ownership for people who couldn’t afford them and the private economy took advantage of that anamoly government threw into the works.

        With that said, if Obama is going to claim credit for turning things around he needs to explain what he did. And Jim, you say employers are hiring, but I still see a high unemployment rate. Or maybe I should use the line you guys used every time jobs rebounded in the 2000s — that they were just “Walmart jobs.”

        1. The rate is still high, and will be for a while. But employers are adding jobs, and hopefully will continue to do so. Not to mention the way we calculate unemployment could use some work. I don’t know where to strike the balance on that though, there really are worthless people out there that don’t work and don’t want to.

        2. Jobs are always the last thing to bounce back after a recession. I won’t deny we still have a long way to go before we’re back on solid economic ground, but I think things certainly could have been much worse than they ended up being.

  4. Jim, Do you wear those glasses because you blinded by the glow coming off the annointed one? I love it when you use the old “crummy labor jobs most people wouldn’t do” as justification for needing the illegal alien workforce. Ever see what garbage men are making to perform “crummy labor jobs most people wouldn’t do”? In the real world employers have to pay adequate wages to attract labor. I suppose you think all landscaping and roofing companies would just go out of business tomorrow if we shipped all the illegals back.
    As for what they done for illegals
    Obama and his admin have already denounced the Arizona bill, despite the fact that Holder hasn’t read it. I haven’t heard the messiah say anything asking that current federal laws regarding illegals be enforced, which is all the people of Arizona are asking for.

    1. Do you see a lot of immigrant garbagemen? Specifically the well paid municipal government ones you are talking about, not the ones paid not so well by waste disposal businesses.

      The AZ law is a lot different than the federal laws you claim Arizonans just want enforced. You answered my question and proved that Obama hasn’t done anything for illegals, like you claimed.

      As for the glasses? It was sunny.

    2. KJ, have you ever heard what fruit pickers or hotel maids make? Trust me, it’s not a king’s ransom, that’s for sure.

      1. Then we shouldn’t be taking advantage of ILLEGAL labor to do those jobs.

  5. Obama was being generous when he said,”ditch.” We know it was far worse. By the way, it’s much nicer here than at my place;-)

    1. I guess I’m just not as controversial as you, or perhaps it’s because I’m terrible at paying attention to all the social media stuff like Twitter, digg, reddit, etc.

  6. In a couple of years, you will be thankful that the GOP is back in charge. We have only just begun to experience the damage caused by the dumocrats and “The One”. A few more years of 10% unemployment and the Country will be begging for George Bush to come back.

    You cheesheads are very lucky. You’ve got a good man out there in Wisconsin.

    There now Zach. I commented at your loser blog too. Do you feel better now?

    1. Rebel, you’ve commented here before, so I fail to see how you adding one comment to the dozens is supposed to make me feel better.

      But you are right…we cheeseheads are lucky…we’ve got a good man in Sen. Russ Feingold.

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