8 thoughts on “Tom Barrett…Not Afraid to Make a Decision !

  1. So where are you McCain-Feingold campaign finance people on this? Sure it’s a funny little piece & has a light-hearted tone. But it also blurs the lines to whole new levels – product placement, an “issue ad”, an endorsement of a product…is there a further commitment implied…and it’s obviously very much serving as a campaign ad for Mr. Barrett. Who paid for it? Isn’t this corporate involvement in campaigning that many people including a lot around here have said should not be allowed?


    Is that really Tom Barrett? Is this a spoof with a look-alike? People outside Milwaukee won’t necessarily know. I don’t know jack about Barrett, I wouldn’t recognize him if he sat next to me.
    srsly. If that is the real Tom Barrett, this is biggest pile of what-the-fuck-ery I’ve ever seen. His strategists are gonna lose the election for him and hand it all over to Republicans. I might as well start sewing my Burqa now. Bye bye Great Lakes. Hello Frac Sand plants in every damn Northern WI back yard.

    Based on the Locke et al comments above it seems like this is really him.
    Someone said “lighthearted” – bullshit. Regular Joes can make jokes and be absurd. not Goddam Governors. Wisconsin and the entire US are facing some bullshit times, no one stands up anymore, no one is ever gonna stand up, the wealthy and powerful are gonna ride over all the “small people” till Hell won’t have it. and some fucker is making jokes about Pizza?
    It’s insulting to the public to duck issues and try to be a 4th rate Colbert or whatever the fuck he thinks he is.

    This guy (if he is Tom Barrett) is really starting to piss me off. I know how to find Comedy Central on my TV, a Governor who acts like a Governor might be fuckin’ nice.
    Call me crazy but I think the citizens of Wisconsin deserve that, and a little respect for the seriousness of our situations here.

    Scott Walker is a scary nut-job. I don’t wanna think Tom Barrett is too. At this point I really don’t know what else to conclude. Except maybe I should stop reading blogs – because my local news doesn’t cover much beside Mr. Food, and Ignorance is probably bliss.

    1. I think you need to chill out just a little bit. Honestly, I think either Walker or Barrett will be an enormous improvement over what we’ve been stuck with in the Governor’s mansion the last two terms. I think both are actually decent human beings who would probably identify many of the same problems as being high priorities, but with differing views on how to deal with them.

      And while I brought up a bunch of issues I though would be interesting discussion about this video – I really don’t think these light & fluffy, humorous internet-only videos diminish the office of Governor (though they better have a huge shop-vac to suck up the slime Doyle leaves behind).

      Also worth noting, apparently if you go to the squarevsslice youtube Channel there’s a similar (though not nearly as well done) video from Walker. And Walker’s video has a paid for by friends of Scott Walker text at the end – but I don’t see a similar acknowledgment from Barrett’s.

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