Wisconsin’s Elite in the 50 Wealthiest in Congress

Here’s a link to the Hill’s 50 Wealthiest Legislators in Washington!

Somebody there missed Herb Kohl…since the 50th person is at $5.1 million, Senator Kohl should certainly have been on this list. The Milwaukee Bucks alone should put him near the top.

Wisconsin didn’t do too badly:

#26 Representative Jim Sensenbrenner is the Wisconsin delegation leader at $9.9 million
#28 Representative Tom Petri at $9.1 million
#40 Representative Steve Kagen at $6.8 million

Check them all out. Some of the details are rather interesting. The top 10 include 7 Democrats and 3 Republicans…much of the money seems to have been accrued via marriage for both genders.

As I said, the lack of Senator Kohl on this list seems to be a glaring ommission. Of course Senator Feingold isn’t here. I believe earlier this year he was declared the second least wealthiest US Senator. If Ron Johnson were elected he would probably break the top 15…unless he goes broke ‘investing’ in his campaign to the amount of $15 million as has been bandied about!


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4 thoughts on “Wisconsin’s Elite in the 50 Wealthiest in Congress

  1. Interestingly enough 7 of the top 10 of those “rich fat cats” have D’s behind their names.

    1. The difference between a rich D and a rich R is that the D isn’t trying to screw people to get richer nearly as often.

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