Topic of the Week: Republican legislative agenda

So the 2010 election is finally over, and we know (for the most part) what the makeup of our legislative bodies will be, both here in Wisconsin and nationally.

Now that we know Republicans will be the majority party in the State Assembly and State Senate, I have two questions I’d like to pose to you all:

  • What should the Republican legislative agenda be?
  • What do you think the Republican legislative agenda will actually be?

Have at it!


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3 thoughts on “Topic of the Week: Republican legislative agenda

  1. With no regard to what the Republican agenda will be, I recommend that they look at bring poor black men into the economy. The poor black areas of our state are making all of us sad in one way or another.

  2. Whatever they do, I hope they keep theocratic nonsense out of it and hope they govern for all Wisconsin citizens, whether or not they are Christian or not, and whether or not they fit the picture perfect “Christian family” demographic.

  3. Hmmm… Republicans are already backing away from accomplishment over the next two years. Said one pundit Friday, ‘We only control the House and there is a Democrat Senate plus the Executive Branch and the Supreme Court. Until 2012 rolls around, we have to be patient waiting for results.’ I wish I could remember if it was Mark Levin or one of the others on Right Wing XM radio.

    Thom Hartmann on Left Wing Radio said that Ryan and Boehner will focus on repealing Obamacare and not on jobs although that is what the election was supposedly about.

    I say that there will be no Republican legislative agenda EXCEPT to use legislation to bond more voters to Republicans and to use proposed legislation to tar Democrats.

    I heard one of the right wing mouthpieces say that as long as Obama can veto anything that Republicans push thru Congress then everthing should wait until Obama is not there anymore.

    The goals of the Republicans will be brinkmanship on the national debt, brinkmanship on the budget deficit, and making the Democrats always look like socialist losers on other legislation.

    I say the right wing legislative agenda will be:
    7. Save the military budget from being trimmed by Gates.
    6. Craft new rules to internally govern the House of Representatives.
    5. Craft new rules governing federal re-districting to give Republicans more control over newly added state districts.
    4. Craft social legislation to divert attention away from other machinations and to point out how Democrats should be feared for marrying bookshelves and animals at some future time.
    3. Re-define ‘earmark’ to mean something other than what we think it means so that allocations to specific businesses and industries are not really earmarks. However, earmarks for social causes to social organizations are still earmarks.
    2. Save the tax cuts for everybody regardless of budget impact.
    1. Roll back the budget of the EPA and other green legislation to pre-Obama levels. Then tout these as savings and deficit reductions.

    They will do nothing about Obamacare until after 2012 and blame it all on Nancy Pelosi until then.

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