A thought on “National Marriage Week”

Have you heard? Conservative groups are calling this week “National Marriage Week,” though a more accurate name would be “National Same-Sex Marriage Week.”

However, in honor of all those “family values” conservatives out there, I think we should call it “National Charlie Sykes & Newt Gingrich Third Marriage Week.”


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4 thoughts on “A thought on “National Marriage Week”

  1. What is that joke??

    God created Adam and Eve…not Adam and Steve. Hardy har har!

    Hey…I didn’t make it up…

  2. I can see some of the cause of this, and a quick skim of the website doesn’t reveal overt bigotry (but I didn’t pour over the whole thing). I quickly skimmed two websites about this and both avoided getting into the politics of it. Maybe I just wasn’t looking at the right site. Obviously the blatantly bigoted conservative policy of telling families that are not a religious husband and wife with 2.5 children that they aren’t real families is disgusting but that doesn’t seem to be what this is about.

    The primary objective of the sites I looked at I agree with. I am actually pretty conservative when it comes to some marriage issues. I feel many people do not have the respect for marriage that they should. While divorce should be an option in an abusive relationship, I feel immaturity in adulthood is a prime factor. I have seen so many adults argue, both parties like little children letting their emotions rule them. Marriage is a promise. It shouldn’t be expected to be easy. Disagreements and argumetns will happen but marriage is a serious promise. To abandon that promise is shameful in my opinion, unless there is a very good reason (abuse, long term drug use with intervention not helping, gangs, etc.). People should not make such vows to each other if they are not intending to stick through it. It’s even more mortifying with children having their families torn apart, and that’s why I support easy access to birth control. I think people should get married, form a stable home, and then and only then bring children into it with the commitment to raise them. The idea that two adults would be so immature as to create children and then fail to provide a stable home for them disgusts me. I do not hold ill will towards the divorced or single parents, and I know it’s not that easy, but I agree with the general idea that marriage should be stronger. The irony of this is that many conservatives make an almost religious like practice of hating the Clintons, yet the Clintons embody the kind of commitment marriage should have. Bill Clinton made a terrible mistake, but Hillary did not just ditch him immediately over it. Instead they are still husband and wife, despite that trouble. Marriage doesn’t mean giving up the moment something bad happens, and too many people treat it that way, or jump into it early with little respect for the gravity of it.

    No, telling people that their family isn’t real or that marriage in a religious context is the only way isn’t right, but I agree it’s disgusting divorce rates are so high and that so many children are born out of marriage. Times change, and perhaps no sex before marriage isn’t realistic anymore in our culture. No children before marriage should be common sense though in my opinion, and birth control should be widely and cheaply available. Build the family, and then bring in the children. Obviously if children come by mistake the parents have to do their best to provide for them, but the point is accidental pregnancies and divorces are just way too common. People just are not taking marriage and raising a family seriously enough. If divorce must happen, it should be before there is a child. After that, unless there is a serious issue jeopardizing the children, I see marriage as selfish, robbing the children of a unified family due to parents unwilling to work together. If you have a child, raising that child should be your life’s primary focus. My strong feelings on this issue are perhaps odd considering I am so liberal on most issues, and my ranting here is far more negative than the message I saw on those websites.

    On a lighter note I found this page hilarious:

    It’s one thing to promote stronger marriages, but that is just silly.

    1. After that, unless there is a serious issue jeopardizing the children, I see marriage as selfish, robbing the children of a unified family due to parents unwilling to work together.

      Obviously that should have been divorce…

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