Abele statement on Walker anti-union proposal

Earlier today, Milwaukee County Executive candidate Chris Abele issued a statement regarding the emergency budget proposal submitted by Gov. Scott Walker:

“Nurses and other dedicated public servants provide critical services to our community. Our number one priority in Milwaukee County must be creating more good-paying jobs. As we make the tough decisions to get our economy moving again, working men and women must have fair, open and honest bargaining rights, as well as protections against poor working conditions and unfair treatment. We can take on difficult budget and economic problems by coming together to find common ground and agreement, and working men and women can be part of the solution – if they are allowed. By working together instead of unilaterally, I know we can do it.”


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6 thoughts on “Abele statement on Walker anti-union proposal

    1. Yeah, we don’t need public health/school nurses, or nurses to man mental health facilities or prisons. Absolutely no need.

    2. Msny private sector businesses rely on the purchasing power of dedicated employees of the public sector. We are not enemies. If one falls, so does the other. This fighting among middle class people takes away the focus from the fact that the wealth is shifting from the many to the few. Walker is helping this happen in a big way.

  1. Where is Abele’s concern for private sector nurses? Did he pipe up when Doyle and other Democrats so easily raised taxes on those poor nurses to fund benefits for the public sector ones? Bet not.

      1. Well he’s a candidate now and I don’t hear him expressing his concern about putting more on the backs of the private sector. I am curious to see what his ideas are to solve the problem that everyone would magically rally around.

        Also wasn’t aware you had to be a candidate to weigh in on issues. But aside from Abele, where were any Democrats concern for private sector nurses when they were raising taxes and adding mandates the last 2 years and previous?

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