Congressman Paul Ryan looks like a nice young man….

….but don’t be fooled – he’s hell-bent on getting rid of Medicare as we know it, all so he can give another tax break to millionaires and billionaires.

Americans United for Change has more on Rep. Ryan’s dangerous plan, and Ryan’s challenger in 2012, Rob Zerban, has set up “Hands off my Grandma,” a site where folks can sign an online petition expressing their disapproval of Ryan’s plans to end Medicare as we know it.


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21 thoughts on “Congressman Paul Ryan looks like a nice young man….

  1. Man, that’s one butt-ugly eddie monster. And the grimace – like someone suddenly and unexpectedly inserted some johnsonville sausagein his rectum, which they probably did, because JOHNSONVILLE stands for FACIST WURST!


  2. Concerned Badger…I can appreciate your concerns with the situation in the state and the nation…but your comments are wholly off topic…and no matter what your feelings about Johnsonville and Gov. Walker…the use of the word fascist is out of line as are your attempts at anal humor. You’ll find much more success with well thought out and lucid posts if you want to win people to your cause.

  3. I wouldn’t put one of these in my mouth if it was a johnsonville product – it has all the intestinal fortitude of the koch brothers, directly from their lower digestive track for your enjoyment or not.

  4. Of all the possible critiques of Paul Ryan readily available to any thinking person, you want to talk about sausages, rectums, the Koch brothers digestive tracts and Eddie Munster?

    I am concerned for you, concerned badger.

  5. KEEP. . .YOUR. . .HANDS. . .OFF. . .MY. . .GRANDMA, you pampered, privileged, reactionary little yuppie putz!!!

    Republicans have been trying to destroy The New Deal and The Great Society ever since Roosevelt and LBJ respectively implemented them.

    It’s high time that we stopped them once and for all.

    During the debate over the Affordable Care Act, Republicans cynically and disingenuously got senior citizens all riled up about how it cut subsidies to Medicare Advantage plans.

    What they forgot to mention then was the fact that the ACA simply cut subsidies for INEFFECTIVE Medicare Advantage programs by about $150 billion over ten years because those plans cost more than traditional Medicare without delivering better care.

    Ending these subsidies was an obvious move to reduce spending on Medicare without compromising the quality of care, but Republicans like Karl Rove, Charles Grassley AND Paul Ryan attacked the policy shift as an attempt to “pull the plug on Grandma”.

    And NOW, they cynically put The Ryan Plan out there, a plan which actually DOES “pull the plug on Grandma”.

    Assh*les. Liars. Cynical partisan hacks.

    Appearances can be deceptive, particularly in politics. “Paul Ryan looks like such a nice young man”, but he and the Republicans are nothing more than snakes in the grass.

  6. open up your wallet and support the koch/walker machine if you like – every buck you spend on a j-ville sausage comes back and bites working Americans in the butt.

    Sorry if the truth ain’t pretty, but these ain’t usual times – the only vote you have that we know is counted is the dollars you spend.

    Spend yours as you please, but then keep quiet when you get wankers like walker.

    1. “[W]ankers like [W]alker” lyin’ like Ryan.

      Twin brothers from different mothers, and poster children for the great Republican overreach of 2011.

      They will certainly be remembered, and honored as “heroes”, by Democrats for their contribution to the Democratic/progressive resurgence, and Republican demise, of 2011 and beyond.

      Yes, we will remember them, history will remember them, these two Republican “giants” who through their hubris, tunnel-vision and absolute fealty to the wealthy elite of this country, rekindled progressive passion, and forever revealed the corrupt and cynical nature of the Republican Party for all to see. . .SNOTTY SCOTTY (“Dead Eyes”) WALKER, now widely recognized as a sociopathic narcissist, who had unfaithfully served his state for just under two years when he was unceremoniously thrown out of office, and PAUL (“I only cared about overspending after President Obama was elected”) RYAN, who lost in a landslide to Rob Zerban in 2012, having completely alienated his constituency in 2011 with something now disdainfully called “T[WE]RP”.

  7. Honorable Representative Paul Ryan,

    I appreciate a good man like you, and I thank you for crafting the sensible budget plan.

    The President seems to have one major issue with your plan that he keeps putting before the American people. If one’s voucher is not enough, then you want get good insurance.

    If you are confident your plan will work, then why don’t you supply a “coverage” or “backup” for the voucher. Of course the President believes the “by and by pie in the sky” government can fix it all. Right!!


    1. Art, what’s sensible about cutting hundreds of billions of dollars from Medicaid and then turning around and giving that money to millionaires and billionaires in the form of tax cuts?

  8. The soul-less Republican Party and their “golden boy”, Paul Ryan, continue to lose the battle for the hearts and minds of America:

    Per the Quinnipiac University poll released today:

    Voters back raising taxes on households earning $250,000 or more by a 69% to 28% margin.

    They say that Medicare should remain as is, rather than giving seniors money to buy private health insurance beginning in 2022, by a 60% to 34% margin.

    They also say that moving responsibility for Medicaid to the states is a bad idea by a 54% to 38% margin.

      1. Selective recitation of facts and/or the selective reading of anything is always problematic, Super Id.

        For the record, the New York Times poll that you cited also contains the following metrics which you failed to mention, and which not only don’t support the point that I think that you were trying to make, but actually militate against it:

        56% of those polled felt that American corporations pay less than their fair share of taxes.

        37% of those polled felt that taxes on corporate profits should be increased versus 26% that thought they should be reduced.

        4% of those polled believe that corporations use savings from tax cuts to create new jobs for American workers versus the 61% who believed that corporations use their profits to pay bonuses and dividends.

        Then, at the end of the poll, we get to the metric that you cited. 32% of those polled believe that, for purposes of reducing the budget deficit, corporate taxes should be raised versus 64% who said that they believe that government spending should be cut.

        Since the two approaches to deficit reduction aren’t mutually exclusive, I’m honestly not sure what you think the poll shows, but, in any event, it doesn’t really matter. The poll doesn’t serve to rebut any of the points that I made. It certainly doesn’t demonstrate public support for The Ryan Plan. It actually demonstrates quite the opposite.

        In any event, those polled were not asked about The Ryan Plan were they? Nor were they asked if they liked or agreed with Ryan’s plan to destroy Medicare as we know it, were they?

        I sympathize with you, Super Id. You’re desperately trying to “deal to an inside straight”. You’re scrambling, looking for some way to argue in favor of The Ryan Plan, a budget approach that the American public simply does. . .not. . .like. So, you cherry-picked some polling data, and tried to spin it. Not exactly the first time I’ve seen someone do that.

        Before you post another comment on this comment thread, I would recommend that you read some more directly relevant polls. And if you’re really interested in how the American public feels about Paul Ryan’s ideas, I’d also recommend that you attend one of Paul Ryan’s townhall meetings. I’m sure that you’ll find them enlightening.

        If you’re short on time, maybe just watch the video above or any of the videos available on YouTube that show how the sh*t hit the fan at Ryan’s townhall meetings, as well as at the townhall meetings of every single one of the Republicans serving in the House of Representatives that held townhalls in their districts who voted for The Ryan Plan.

        By the by, Super Id, Ryan stands a better chance of getting re-elected than The Ryan Plan has of ever getting passed, and Ryan’s re-election chances are fading rapidly even as we “speak”. Do the math, huh?

        Anyway, I could say, “Nice try”, but, honestly, I wouldn’t mean it.

        1. “I sympathize with you, Super Id. You’re desperately trying to “deal to an inside straight”. You’re scrambling, looking for some way to argue in favor of The Ryan Plan, a budget approach that the American public simply does. . .not. . .like. So, you cherry-picked some polling data, and tried to spin it. Not exactly the first time I’ve seen someone do that.”

          Nice straw man. Where did I argue that the public supports or does not support the Ryan plan? I cited a poll that shows Americans would rather cut government spending rather than raising corporate taxes. That’s it. The rest is your imagination.

          So you don’t like and you contend the majority of the public does not like the plan. Fine—What’s the alternative? If drastic changes to the entitlements are not made the U.S. will be insolvent in under 20 years:

          “The nonpartisan Concord Coalition, citing data models from the Government Accountability Office, found that by 2027,
          Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and net interest would consume all revenues collected by the federal government.”

          Think about what that means: No other programs that can be funded. No military, No government workers, no education funding, no tax cuts, no new stimulus package. Just debt service and entitlements.

          Well we can just tax the rich to make up the difference, right? Great plan rhetoric politically, except that even if you were to take 100% of the top 10% we still wouldn’t have enough revenues to pay our obligations.

          The public doesn’t like Ryan’s plan. I get it, nobody like austerity. But will the public like the alternative when it arrives? I suspect not.

  9. Too bad America didn’t, and still doesn’t like, HIS “plan”.

    Paul Ryan is whining, crying, “acting out” and throwing a temper tantrum now because he’s been knocked off of his pedestal, just when his “anointing” by the Republican Party and the press was getting started:

    “Paul Ryan – No big budget deal because Democrats won’t do it GOP’s way”:

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